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Lockyear Music Piano/Violin/Viola Studio Policies 2023-2024

Paying Tuition

I accept only electronic payments via Zelle ( or Venmo (@Yuliya-Lockyear). Tuition is due the first day of each month. There is $25 late fee for tuition payments received after the fifth of the month.

The No Make-up Policy
When you sign up for lessons, I reserve time for your child in my schedule. If you miss a lesson or are late to a lesson, that time is gone and I do not offer make-ups. If you are traveling or have a work conflict, occasional Zoom lessons are fine.

Sick Policy
If you are sick, please do not come to your lesson!! If you are mildly ill, we can do lessons over Zoom. Please do not come to a lesson if:

  • Your child is in the first few days of a cold and has a runny nose/cough

  • Your child or anyone else in the household has had a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea. You must be symptom free for over 24 hours (without medication) to attend an in-person lesson.

  • If your child is too sick to go to school, s/he is too sick to come for lessons.

Teacher Absences
If I am mildly sick, I will teach over Zoom. If I am too sick for Zoom lessons, I will make up missed lessons.

Schedule Conflicts
Please refer to The No Make-up Policy.

Note: By enrolling in the Lockyear Music Piano/Violin/Viola Studio, you agree to these policies.

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